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Brief Introduction of Pipe
FRP Pipe Install Pipe
Types of Pipeline Joints
"plastiwind lock joint." bell type or sleeve type, allows to install pipes quickly and winthout jointing material, with a big saving in installation costs and time , because there is no need of welded joints, to be made at site.
Moreover, the problems and high coats involved with anchoring buryied pipe buried pipelines are avided with the "plastiwind lock joints."
Of course it is very easy to disassemble the "Plastiwind Lock Joint" and reuse the pipe lenghts.

RPMP Mechanical lock joint System


The "Plastiwind Lock Joint" is a quickconnect all-mechanical GRP piping locking system.
Each length of pipe is produced with a femalt configuration at one end. and a male on the other one, as part of the manufactruing process.
The O-ring is slightly compressed during initial assembly, providing leadproof tightness.
the male end is precision grooved on the outer wall and the female end is similarly grooved on the inside surface of the pipe.
When the pipe setions are joined together, the respective grooves form a seat through which a key is inserted, thus firmly locking the pipe lengths.
Each end of the pipe is supplied with a special O-Ring seated in a precison-cut groove
Its purpoes is to provide a leakproof seal between pipe and sleeve.
The O-Ring is slightly compressed during initial as-sembly, providing leakproof seal.
The male end is precisioon grooved on the outer wall and the inner surface of the sleeve is similarly grooved.
When pipe secitions are joined together by means of the sleeve, the respective groves form the seats through which the two keys are inserted, thus firmly locking the pipe lenghths.

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